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9 Benefits of Having a Garden Man Cave

Struggling to find the space at home for you to stretch your legs and relax? Don’t feel guilty about needing your own personal space for your hobbies and interests. Having a space to call your own is super important in managing your stress levels when at home. Not just on a personal level, but for everyone in the family. Cutting away just a small piece of the property for your use and yours alone will give you a safe space to relax. One such place is a man cave.

Why have a Garden Man Cave?

We may be biassed, but we’re completely convinced that using a garden room as a man cave is the best option. It’s construction is a lot more convenient, less time consuming and more affordable than having an extension added to your property. Bespoke garden man caves look fantastic, becoming a feature in your garden in its own right. A garden man cave also gives the best level of escapism, giving you the best quality personal time when you need it.

Enjoy your free time without disruptions

Most man caves are dedicated for leisure use only and that time’s best enjoyed without the stresses of everyday life getting in the way. A man cave gives you valuable space to relax and unwind. Kick back and enjoy the peace out in your garden.

Keep shared spaces for shared use

If you’re limited on space in the house to call your own, using a garden room as a man cave means you don’t have to change how things are inside. Your living room remains as somewhere you can enjoy the company of your partner and family, watch programmes that you all like together, relax and share time together and have some fun with family games.

Good for healthy relationship dynamics

Sometimes, we just want some time alone to ourselves and there’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, it’s perfectly healthy. You don’t have to put your personal interests and hobbies on standby if your partner doesn’t share them. Instead, they have the space to flourish. Your partner respects that you need space of your own and you, in return, respect their space too.

Reduces stress

We try our best to not take our work home with us, but it’s not that easy. Dedicating a space to just that – relaxing and enjoying pass times – is the best way to give yourself the headspace you need. Mindfulness has a huge positive impact on mental health, giving yourself time to separate from all stresses in your life.

A space to call your own

A man cave can be the home to all your embarrassing memorabilia, proudly on display rather than tucked up in the attic in boxes. It doesn’t matter how gaudy your tastes are, your man cave is yours to decorate and design as you like it. Whether you want to evoke a style that you like, turning your man cave into a cosy cabin or a games room, it’s your blank slate.

Soundproofing keeps the peace

A garden man cave can be the perfect place for some of the noisier pursuits. At Miniature Manors, we offer soundproofing as an extra for garden rooms that need to have the noise contained so not to disturb your neighbours. We have clients who can practise even drums inside their garden rooms without barely any noise bothering anyone.

Keeps your private space physically separate

One of the major perks of using a garden room as your man cave is the physical distance between the main house and your man cave. It might not be a huge distance, but mentally it matters. Knowing that you’re less likely to have something interrupt your downtime puts you a lot more at ease. If you work from home, having a separate space away from where you work helps maintain your work/life split which is much harder to keep when your working hours are spent at home.

Saves on converting a room or building an extension

Having a garden room built saves you a lot of the hassle you’d otherwise have with converting a room or building an extension. A garden man cave wouldn’t need planning permission as it’s considered as a permitted development. You keep all your rooms as they are and avoid the expense of having building work done to your house – and the disruption it would cause.

Improves house value

Having a garden room built benefits you in the long run. Additional floor space at your property will always raise your house value. Having a durable, custom-made garden room is a real selling point for a house on the market. While selling isn’t on your mind right now, it could be in the future.

Why choose Miniature Manors for your garden man cave?

We’ve designed and hand-crafted many leisure garden rooms, all bespoke and unique designs built to purpose. At Miniature Manors, we take the time to compile the best design for your expectations, making sure your special space is absolutely what you’re after.

Our garden man caves aren’t pre-designed box rooms. They’re lovingly designed to be beautiful, creative spaces that you can make as your own. Whether you wish for a quiet space to kick back and relax, a little hideaway so you can play video games to your heart’s content or a music studio for you to harness your talent without any disturbances. There’s no limit to what you can use the space for.

Feel free to explore our gallery of garden man caves to get a real idea of what’s possible. You can see our hand-crafted leisure rooms here.

Interested in learning more?

Our builds are all bespoke and, for that reason, we quote individually. To find out more about our prices and how much your dream man cave could cost, make full use of our project planner here.

Have some questions for us? Don’t hesitate in giving our team a call on 01403 610619 or drop us a line here. We’re always happy to talk shop about bringing man caves out of the dark and into the garden.

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    What Our Clients Think

    Helen Bailey
    August 2023

    "The overall quality is great"

    “We are so pleased with our new garden room. The team talked us through all the design options and the cost implications were made really clear so we could make informed decisions. They were such pleasures to have around. The overall quality of the final garden room is great...”

    Ben Townsend
    June 2023

    "The build quality is superior..."

    "I'm so happy with the finished product, they were a pleasure to have throughout the build time. I can confidently say the process and build quality from Minature Manors is superior in every way; from the communication, the customisation, the finish and even the price. Thank you!"

    Derek Irvine
    May 2023

    "Punctual, professional, polite, considerate..."

    "I can’t recommend highly enough the team at Minature Manors for the outstanding job they have done providing us with a wonderful studio at a very competitive price... We have been extremely impressed and have absolutely no reservations recommending Minature Manors to anyone who is looking for a high quality garden room..."

    Susanna Cassam
    May 2023

    "The service was exceptional..."

    "We're so delighted with EVERYTHING! The whole project took a little over 3 weeks start to finish and the service was exceptional. Our garden room looks even better than the pictures and every member of the team was warm, friendly and helpful. We couldn't have asked for more and would highly recommend them!"

    March 2023

    "5-star consultation process with site visit"

    "From day 1 of my initial enquiry, Richard was so responsive, approachable and enthusiastic. Despite the relatively modest project size, Richard gave a 5-star consultation process with site visit, computer renders and making numerous suggestions and updates as we moved through the process. The team working on the build itself were a pleasure to have around!.."

    Roy Spina
    April 2023

    "Very tidy and polite/professional..."

    "Excellent service throughout, a high quality product in the end, good price, very tidy and polite/professional, communicated clearly from the beginning and explained everything well. Would definitely recommend!"

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