Garden Structure Material Options

Roofing Options

You can choose between a flat roof or a pitched roof on your bespoke garden structure. Please note that most pitched roofs will be 2.5 metres or higher, which is likely to require planning permission. To find out more visit our planning permission page.  


  • EPDM rubber is a popular option for garden rooms, gazebos or play structures with a flat roof. This is a thick, durable material which, when fitted with insulation, keeps the structure at the right temperature and moisture-free. The rubber is a dark grey or black colour, which is a subtle roofing option on most designs.

  • Sedum roofs are a blanket of beautiful foliage that sit on top of a flat roof. This natural material is an environmentally friendly way to introduce a little bit of green onto your garden structure. The benefits of this roofing option seem to be endless - it provides an additional layer of insulation, absorbs heavy rainfall, is a natural way of combating pollutants and is a great natural habitat for garden insects. Our sedum roof supplier grows their high quality natural blankets off the Irish sea.

  • We offer cedar shingle tiles on our pitched garden rooms, gazebos and some of our play houses. These tiles add a textured finish to the structure and look superb on large pitched roofs.

  • A cost-effective roofing solution for our pitched gazebos is cladding. Please see more on the types of wood we can use for cladding below.

Cladding Options

The exterior finish on many of our builds is cladded which protects the underlying structure and requires little maintenance. Depending on the type of garden structure, you can choose between horizontal or vertical cladding. All of our wood is sustainably sourced from our FSC certified suppliers. Where necessary, we make sure that our wood is treated in order to prolong the life of the structure for fifteen years or more. Brighter woods tend to become a silver colour with time, so we treat these woods in a product called osmo oil which keeps the wood looking brighter for longer.


  • Red Western Cedar is a smooth wood with rich tones of red, brown and amber. Once weathered, these colours tone down into a natural silver colour. This cladding option is extremely popular in our garden room designs as it creates a sleek, contemporary finish.

  • Siberian Larch boasts an eye-catching grain on its surface, making it a very natural-looking cladding option. We would suggest using this material on traditional garden structures such as our pitched roof garden rooms.

  • Redwood shiplap is another grainy, light-coloured wood that comes with a reasonable price tag. This is a great option if you are working to a restricted budget.

  • Feather-edge timber creates a soft, simple look when cladded. All of our timber is pressure-treated by our suppliers to increase the durability of the wood.

  • Douglar fir is a strong softwood that is commonly grown in the UK. When cladded, this grainy wood creates a rustic effect which looks superb on more traditional garden structure designs.

Garden Room Interiors

All of our garden buildings come with the option of being plastered and painted internally. We will paint the interior walls and ceiling white, unless you specify otherwise during the design process. You may find that other garden room companies offer plastic wall interiors which we like to avoid in order to give you a high quality finish.

The interior of our garden rooms also come with architrave, skirting boards and traditional wooden internal doors. These are the same in all of our garden rooms, and have been chosen for their neutral appearance in the building. Your choice of laminate, vinyl or oak-engineered flooring will be reflected in your quotation. We also offer a choice of white or chrome electrical fittings. If you would like more specialised interior features, please let our design team know so that we can have an in-depth chat about your requirements.

Electrical Connection

You will certainly require an electrical connection in your garden room, and may also consider this for features such as outdoor lighting on a gazebo or veranda. Our quotation will include the electrical cables that need to be laid in the interior and exterior of the structure. In most cases, we provide an electrician who will make the electrical connection to the main house and provide a certificate. However, if you would prefer to source your own electrician please let us know so we can factor this into your build and quotation.

Depending upon the size of your garden room, we will include four to ten plug sockets with interior and exterior lighting. You can choose between white and chrome fixings, as well as where you will need the plug sockets to be situated.

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