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Our Guide to Garden Offices: Everything You Need to Know

With more of us than ever working from home, getting the work-life balance right has never been more important. Having a garden office presents a fantastic alternative to remodelling your house to accommodate your office at home or renting office space elsewhere. If you have the space outside in your garden for an office, it’s worth looking into having a beautiful, dedicated space for your work. Keeping your living space separate from your working space provides a host of benefits to your mental health, work ethic and general productivity.

At Miniature Manors, we focus on delivering bespoke garden rooms so your space is completely tailored to your needs. We use the same approach to our Garden Offices. No two are the same, built with your personal touch. We want to make sure your work-space is perfect for the job, providing just as much functionality and purpose as an office space rented off your property. Our Garden Offices are all built fully insulated, wired up to your home electrics and expertly crafted by our talented team.

What is a Garden Office?

Garden Office

While the answer is obvious – it is an office in a garden – there are some specific features about a garden office that sets it apart from garden annexes. A garden office is specifically for being used for work and not for being lived in. It may be insulated, fitted with electricity, and work as a functional workspace, but it doesn’t have all the amenities an annex would have.

Why have a Garden Office?

There are many good reasons why you should consider having a Garden Office if you work from home. Whether you’re self-employed or have the freedom to work remotely, having a separate, peaceful place for you to work comes with many benefits – both to you and your work.

Increase property value

Any garden room added to your property will increase the value. An extra room with flexible functionality will also interest buyers who are looking to have the option for them to work from home.

A perfect work-life balance

Keeping your work separate from your home will help you to keep the boundaries between your life and your job. With your office outside and out of immediate reach, you won’t have the temptation to check emails while you’re meant to be enjoying time off with the family. Having that distance allows you to destress during the downtime.

Improve work productivity

The work-life split works in the other direction too. Moving your office from a study into a separate building will keep you more focused. There’s no more worrying about any interruptions during conference calls or distractions breaking your flow. Garden Offices provide a peaceful haven for your work.

More affordable than renting a separate space

Other than the initial cost to have your Garden Office designed and built, there are no other costs other than electricity. Once your office is up-and-running, you have no rent to pay nor any expenses for commuting. A Garden Office comes with all the benefits of renting office space without any of the drawbacks.

What you need to know before having a garden office built

Garden Office Design Planing

Before going ahead on planning your Garden Office, there are a few helpful bits of information that is worth knowing.

Do you need planning permission to build a garden office?

Generally speaking, you don’t need planning permission. We design and build our Garden Offices so they are covered under your permitted development rights. Some additional extras will need planning permission. There are more reasons where planning permission will be needed, but we can address any concerns you have. As long as the office is within the size limit and doesn’t class itself as living accommodation, the council will have no issue.

Our team regularly works with planning officers and we have our own planning consultant that we direct inquiries towards. Planning regulations can sometimes be very conflicting so we can help answer any planning permission questions you may have.

How much does a garden office cost?

For a fully functional, small garden office, our prices range from £14,000 (including VAT). However, our prices, just like all our garden rooms, are bespoke. That’s why we offer free consultations with our team so you can have a clear, ballpark figure to work with. The quote for your Garden Office would include every aspect of the work from a design blueprint to the finished, decorated end result.

How long does it take to build?

An average sized Garden Office can take up to two weeks to complete. Any larger, more ambition projects will of course take longer.

Will a garden office be warm enough during the winter?

While it is understandable that a Garden Office doesn’t retain heat as efficiently as an office in the house, with all walls outward facing, they can be made perfectly comfortable for use during the colder months. Garden Offices are built smart. We use full insulation, right down to the double glazing. As the space is small and compact, it’s also quick to heat. Electric radiators are more than capable of keeping a Garden Office toasty or even a wood-burner if you wish for a more rustic aesthetic – though ventilation will need to be considered!

How to start planning for a Garden Office?

Feel like having a Garden Office will benefit your work and homelife? Getting started with your bespoke Garden Office is incredibly straight-forward with our end-to-end service. We have an online project planner that you can use to send us information about the space you have available, the use for the office, design notes and anything else that may be helpful. We’ll then be in touch with a rough estimate based on the information you’ve provided – as well as more information about what we offer.

Use our project planner now

Anything we haven’t covered?

Our friendly team of garden room experts are available for any questions you have about Garden Offices. If you’d like to see our builds for yourself, we have a showroom where you can visit with an appointment. Simply get in touch by calling on 01403 610619.

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    What Our Clients Think

    Helen Bailey
    August 2023

    "The overall quality is great"

    “We are so pleased with our new garden room. The team talked us through all the design options and the cost implications were made really clear so we could make informed decisions. They were such pleasures to have around. The overall quality of the final garden room is great...”

    Ben Townsend
    June 2023

    "The build quality is superior..."

    "I'm so happy with the finished product, they were a pleasure to have throughout the build time. I can confidently say the process and build quality from Minature Manors is superior in every way; from the communication, the customisation, the finish and even the price. Thank you!"

    Derek Irvine
    May 2023

    "Punctual, professional, polite, considerate..."

    "I can’t recommend highly enough the team at Minature Manors for the outstanding job they have done providing us with a wonderful studio at a very competitive price... We have been extremely impressed and have absolutely no reservations recommending Minature Manors to anyone who is looking for a high quality garden room..."

    Susanna Cassam
    May 2023

    "The service was exceptional..."

    "We're so delighted with EVERYTHING! The whole project took a little over 3 weeks start to finish and the service was exceptional. Our garden room looks even better than the pictures and every member of the team was warm, friendly and helpful. We couldn't have asked for more and would highly recommend them!"

    March 2023

    "5-star consultation process with site visit"

    "From day 1 of my initial enquiry, Richard was so responsive, approachable and enthusiastic. Despite the relatively modest project size, Richard gave a 5-star consultation process with site visit, computer renders and making numerous suggestions and updates as we moved through the process. The team working on the build itself were a pleasure to have around!.."

    Roy Spina
    April 2023

    "Very tidy and polite/professional..."

    "Excellent service throughout, a high quality product in the end, good price, very tidy and polite/professional, communicated clearly from the beginning and explained everything well. Would definitely recommend!"

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