Insulated Garden Buildings

With a burst of cold weather sweeping the nation this week, we thought we’d take the opportunity to share information on the insulation in our garden buildings. We use a high quality insulation inside each of our Miniature Manors Garden Rooms, so that you can make the most of your structure, no matter what the weather forecast is.

We lay a high quality insulation in the floor, ceiling and walls of our garden rooms. The insulation is perfect for year-round use, which is ideal if you are planning to use it as a garden office, family room or business space. Not only will it keep out the cold in the winter, but it will prevent the room from becoming hot in the summer. Insulation also works as a great sound barrier, giving you privacy inside your garden building.

The quality of insulation is not measured by its thickness but by its U-Value. In our garden room projects, we always include 50mm foil-backed celotex or ecotherm which has a higher U-Value than alternatives such as rock wool. Although celotex and ecotherm comes in at a higher price than other insulations, we think it is a worthwhile investment for good temperature control in your building.

The benefit of opting for a bespoke, hand-crafted garden structure over a modular building, is that our design team can offer you a variety of insulation options. For example, if you are building a structure that will be used as accommodation we can include insulation which meets current building regulations. Alternatively, if you are using the structure for storage and do not require tight temperature control, we can use a material such as rock wool which will aid in bringing down the cost of your quote. If you have any questions about the insulation in your design, please get in touch.

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