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Ultimate Guide to building your own garden man cave

Having a separate, contained space for your pursuits and hobbies gives you the freedom to enjoy your free time without bothering anyone else. The concept of man cave soon kicked off when it was found that having a cosy spot for the more noisy exploits doesn’t just benefit dads and husbands, but the whole family too. Rather than being limited to a nook to play videogames without taking over the living room, man caves provide little havens for some time just for you.

There’s no reason why this personal space has to be nestled in a dark basement under the house or one of the spare rooms converted to accommodate. If you’ve got the space out in the garden, a garden room is a perfect solution to give you that little bit of space. You don’t have to go down the road of building an extension or paying for a loft conversion. A garden man cave gives you all the benefits of a beautifully designed build for your garden while providing that all-important space for you to relax and enjoy a bit of time to yourself.

What is a man cave?

A ‘man cave’ is slang for a room in the house that doesn’t have a purpose outside from the hobbies and activities that you enjoy but no one else in the house shares your interests. The name may suggest that these interests are gendered, and perhaps that is the origins of the word, but what use the room has doesn’t have to be considered ‘manly’. You can use the room for whatever you want – that’s the point.

Psychologists have found that it’s healthy in a relationship for both parties to have some space to call their own. A ‘man cave’ therefore is that space where a male in a relationship can spend some time alone, even if it’s just for an hour a day. Whether it’s just a cosy corner to kick back after a stressful day at work or a studio for music practice, its purpose is completely yours. It doesn’t matter how garishly you decorate the space or how much noise (within reason) you make, the man cave is your little safe place for your interests to be proudly on show.

Why use a garden room as a man cave?

Having a garden room to serve as your own personal space comes with a host of benefits. A Miniature Manors, our bespoke designs factor in the purpose for which they’re being built for. Separate from the house and the hubbub of daily life, garden rooms offer a level of escapism that’s ideal for a man cave. Not only are you undisturbed while using the garden room, you can relax out of anyone’s way. You can even choose to have the room sound-proofed. You can enjoy making as much noise as you want – whether shouting at the TV screen while a game doesn’t go your way or playing the drums without agitating the neighbours.

Less costly than an extension

Having a garden room is the best option cost-wise when looking to add more floor space to your property. Garden rooms don’t require the same level of building work that would be expected in having an extension built. A garden man cave would take considerably less time to build as well, cutting back on the time you’d pay for contractors at your property.

Can be built without planning permission

Garden rooms are classed as permitted development as long as they stick to the regulations. Without needing to worry about planning permission, you save a lot of time that would otherwise be spent going back and forth with the local council.

However, if you do wish to make your garden man cave more of an item in your garden, we can advise and assist with any planning applications on your behalf.

More flexibility with space and design

Don’t limit your imagination with the design of your man cave. With a bespoke garden room, you can choose to be creative with the space you have available. Your garden room can be a feature in your garden as well as a comfortable man cave for your interests and hobbies. Choose from our different options of cladding, make full use of the outdoors with exterior seating space, and make your personal space bright and light with french doors and glass walls. Your man cave doesn’t have to be a dark, cold cave as a name suggests!

Positive impact on mental wellbeing

We don’t shy from how important it is to have a place where you can distance yourself from the stresses of daily life. A garden man cave provides the perfect location for you to settle down and just enjoy yourself – completely guilt free. The setting matters when it comes down to your unwind time.

Uses of a Garden Man Cave
At Miniature Manors, no two garden man caves are the same. They’re just as unique as the individuals that we’ve designed them for. We build to brief and accept any challenge. A garden man cave doesn’t have to be limited to pass times. Their uses are as flexible as their designs.

We’ve build man caves for the following uses:

– Music studio
– Games room
– Garden bar
– Office
– Art studio
– Personal gym
– Recording studio
– Private cinema

Our process to building your dream man cave

Garden Man Cave Designing

Our team at Miniature Manors consists of a talented design team and group of experienced tradesmen. Every aspect of the job is handled in-house and you have just as active a role in the process as any of our team. Ours is a spirit of collaboration.

Survey & Quote

Before we begin on the design of your garden man cave, we visit your property and assess the available space you have in your back garden. We go over your expectations for the space, what activities the space will be used for, features that you want part of the design, any existing builds that you like, and also any limitations to the construction.

We provide you with a quote following our survey. Our costings are done completely bespoke, factoring in all the work involved with design, building and any additional extras – such as soundproofing and additional storage space.


Working closely with our designers, you’ll be a part of the process, helping us getting your ideas down on paper. We’ll present you with our design mockups and we’ll keep going with the process until you’re completely happy with the envisioned build.


Our team of carpenters and builders completely build our garden man caves by hand. We use sustainable materials as part of the construction. We use different types of wooden cladding and can incorporate as many windows as you like. All our garden rooms are fully insulated, making them easy to keep warm during the colder months. We also carry out all electrical work, ensuring your man cave is fully wired up.

Interior decoration

Whatever your style, we can create a room that is finished to your individual taste. All of our garden rooms are professionally plastered & decorated, leaving you with a residential grade finish. Why not add a splash of colour to the walls? You can even add extra electrical points to set up your gaming station or sound system.

Do I need planning permission for a garden man cave?

One of the major reasons why more and more homeowners are opting to have garden rooms built is the fact that they don’t need planning permission. As long as it fits the requirements for permitted development, you can go ahead with your garden man cave without a planning application.

You can find out more about the planning regulations around outdoor builds here.

How much does it cost to build a garden man cave?

All our prices are completely bespoke to each individual job which is why we have a free quotation service. You can get a better idea with an estimate that we can provide with some general information about the space you have available and what extras your dream man cave will need. Our bespoke garden builds start at £14,000.

Getting started on designing your garden man cave

Garden Man Cave

We’ve completed some fantastic projects that will definitely inspire. Many of our garden rooms are used as man caves, housing hobbies and activities in the comfort and seclusion of the garden. You can view some of our projects in our leisure gallery

Got any questions? We might have already answered them. You can view our FAQs about our builds and processes here.

Want to view our builds in person? We have examples of man caves on show at our showroom in Mid Sussex. Visits at our showroom are by appointment only so we can be well-prepared for your visit.

Interested in starting a man cave project? Look no further than getting in contact with our team of garden room experts. You can speak to us directly on 01403 610619 or use our project planner to bring your ideas to life.

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    What Our Clients Think

    Helen Bailey
    August 2023

    "The overall quality is great"

    “We are so pleased with our new garden room. The team talked us through all the design options and the cost implications were made really clear so we could make informed decisions. They were such pleasures to have around. The overall quality of the final garden room is great...”

    Ben Townsend
    June 2023

    "The build quality is superior..."

    "I'm so happy with the finished product, they were a pleasure to have throughout the build time. I can confidently say the process and build quality from Minature Manors is superior in every way; from the communication, the customisation, the finish and even the price. Thank you!"

    Derek Irvine
    May 2023

    "Punctual, professional, polite, considerate..."

    "I can’t recommend highly enough the team at Minature Manors for the outstanding job they have done providing us with a wonderful studio at a very competitive price... We have been extremely impressed and have absolutely no reservations recommending Minature Manors to anyone who is looking for a high quality garden room..."

    Susanna Cassam
    May 2023

    "The service was exceptional..."

    "We're so delighted with EVERYTHING! The whole project took a little over 3 weeks start to finish and the service was exceptional. Our garden room looks even better than the pictures and every member of the team was warm, friendly and helpful. We couldn't have asked for more and would highly recommend them!"

    March 2023

    "5-star consultation process with site visit"

    "From day 1 of my initial enquiry, Richard was so responsive, approachable and enthusiastic. Despite the relatively modest project size, Richard gave a 5-star consultation process with site visit, computer renders and making numerous suggestions and updates as we moved through the process. The team working on the build itself were a pleasure to have around!.."

    Roy Spina
    April 2023

    "Very tidy and polite/professional..."

    "Excellent service throughout, a high quality product in the end, good price, very tidy and polite/professional, communicated clearly from the beginning and explained everything well. Would definitely recommend!"

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